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Saturday, 22 November 2014

The benefits of spread betting

Do You want to make money working full-time from Your home and pay no tax? Or maybe You just need that extra cash to treat Yourself or Your loved ones a little bit more special? 

Try spread betting as a form of making money online, without leaving Your home and paying no taxes! (UK citizens only).
Spread betting allows You to trade on the price movements of financial markets, without actually purchasing  an asset in that market. That means: You are placing a bet on how that market will move, up or down.
The popularity of spread betting has grown enormously in recent years and this is due to a number of clear advantages spread betting has over the traditional methods of trading:
  •   No stamp duty to pay – under current UK law, all spread bet are exempt from capital gains tax  and stamp duty.
  •  No direct commission or  brokerage fees are payable - spread betting is relatively inexpensive to trade
  •   No special software needed – all trading platforms are provided for free by licensed broker. All Your trading can be managed by those online spread betting platforms, allowing You to manage Your funds, place trades and giving access to lots of different charting packages.
  • No opening hours limitations – You can log in to Your spread betting platform and trade 24-hours-a-day, 5 days a week, at a time that suits You.
  • No market limitations – You can choose from a range of markets, including shares, bonds, currencies, interest rates, indices, options and commodities. Moreover, a single spread betting account in registered broker gives You access to markets that are normally restricted, such as foreign exchange trading (i.e. Forex).
  • No financial limitations – You do not need a lot of money to get started, as stakes can be as low as 50p.
  • Trade with leverage – spread betting allows You to take the advantage of leveraged trading so You can trade on the markets  with a initial deposit that is much less than the value of Your trade.
  • Limit the risk – a stop loss order can be set to limit Your liability, which is a distinct advantage of spread betting over the fixed odds betting.
  • Trade on rising as well as falling markets – You can trade both ways on major markets, which is another advantage over the traditional forms of trading, as You can take a position on a market that is both rising and falling. You can do this by going “long” and buy a market on expectations that it will rise in value, or by going “short” and sell a market on expectations that prices will fall. This distinct advantage of spread betting is enabling You potentially profit regardless of which way the prices are heading.
  •  Limitless profits – theoretically Your profits from the spread betting can be limitless, because the more “right” You are, the more You will profit.

As You can see spread betting can offer a number of advantages over conventional share dealing, fixed odds betting or forex trading. This is why it is worth to consider to open the spread betting account in ETX Capital. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014


General Overview for 20/11/2014: 11:30 CET

The wave development is still in a corrective cycle and there is really no need to trade this pair right now as the cycle appears to be rather complex and time consuming cycle. The suggested wave progression inside of the blue channel is clearly corrective and the golden trending is still providing a resistance. The question remaining whether the gap zone will be filled or not in the near future but the wave count clearly indicates the possibility of a farther upward wave progression up to the 1.2834 - 12936 zone. The current bias is:
SHORT-TERM   Neutral to Slightly Bullish (corrective)
MID-TERM        Neutral to Slightly Bullish (To complete the corrective cycle)
LONG-TERM     Bearish (new lows)

1.2652 - 1.2692 - GAP ZONE
1.2645 - WR2
1.2600 - Local Swing High
1.2594 - WR1
1.2548 - Intraday Resistance
1.2489 - Weekly Pivot
1.2443 - WS1
1.2358 - Local Swing Low

Trading Recommendations:
Stay away until corrective cycle i completed, confirmed and downtrend resume,


Friday, 17 October 2014

Gold Weekly

General overview for 17/10/2014 13:30 CET

It is always a difficult task to correctly count the wave development inside of the triangle but this is as good as it gets: one more wave (v) green to the downside is needed to complete the whole impulsive structure in wave  Y black of the big degree wave 4 blue. As long as the level of 1006 is not broken, a multi year high is still possible to be made on Gold.

1179 - 1183 - Key Support
1198 - WS1
1216 - Weekly Pivot
1248 - WR1
1266 - WR2
1273 - 1280 - Demand Breakthrough Zone

Trading recommendations:
Short positions should be opened from the level of 1266 with SL above the level of 1281 and TP at the level of 1100 min.

Thursday, 9 October 2014


General overview for 09/10/2014 11:30 CET

There are some first indications that the main degree  impulsive wave might have been completed ( wave 1 pink) and the market is in corrective cycle in wave 2 pink or it is only a first internal sub-cycle of this wave. Nevertheless, the current situation looks like an upside push to the supply zone and a possible failure is expected here. The abc green correction looks completed as well in a shape of a Zig-Zag pattern, which is VERY POPULAR in wave two overall. Now the market must return to the golden channel and after testing the upper boundary, it must impulsively breakout to the downside, below the intraday support at the level of 1.2698 ( and even lower).
Please notice that any breakout higher above the level of 1.2814 is bullish and next resistance is at the level of 1.3000.


1.2999 - 1.2970 - Demand Breakthrough Zone
1.2900 - Previous Wave 4 Level
1.2832 - WR3
1.2814 - Technical Resistance|Key Level|
1.278 - 1.2814 - Supply Zone
1.2777 - WR2
1.2698 - Intraday Support
1.2620 - WR1
1.2584 - Key Level To The Downside
1.2560 - Weekly Pivot

Trading recommendations:

Long and mid-term trend is BEARISH and only SELL orders should be opened on this pair. First one to try is to short at the current price levels with SL above 1.2814 and TP open for now, but targeting NEW SWING LOW.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dax Futures Daily

General Overview for 24/09/2014:
On Daily time frame we can see the price has made a very deep retracement to 88.6%Fibo  in shape of a Triple Zig-Zag pattern wave (ii). We can see as well the Key Support and Resistance levels: only a valid breakout below one of this levels would indicate that our anticipations are confirmed: breakout below support at the level of 8899 means long term top is confirmed, and breakout above the resistance at the level of 10056 means the alternate count is in play and uptrend will continue. Trend change confirmation comes with the level of 8899 breakout.

10056 - Key Resistance
9898 - 88%Fibo
9530 - Support
9367 - Support
9037 - Support
8899 - Key Support

Trading recommendaions:
There is still some degree of uncertainty regarding the corrective cycle completion, but any sell orders should have the SL above the level of 9898. Trend change confirmation comes with the level of 8899 breakout.

Saturday, 20 September 2014


General Overview for 20/09/2014:
Short-term (h4 and h1):
The corrective cycle in wave 4 has hit 38%Fibo of the last swing and sharply reversed. The corrective cycle was a pattern of abc irregular flat, where wave c=161% of wave a. Now the impulsive decline is almost done and after the corrective cycle in wave ii this pair might continue the downtrend. Please notice this pair might be making a Head&Shoulders formation as well and that supports the view for more decline coming.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


General Overview for 18/09/2014:
The impulsive wave progression is developing as anticipated some time ago. Currently it looks like after the extended fifth wave of a wave 3 green, it is a time for a corrective bounce in wave 4 green. The target levels for this correction are at the levels of 1.2972 - 12994 ( basically 1.3000 round number level) and if this one is broken and corrective cycle will become more complex - 1.3111.

1.2819 - WS2
1.2833 - Swing Low
1.2906 - WS1
1.2944 - Weekly Pivot
1.2972 - 1.2994 - Demand Breakthrough Zone

Trading recommendations:
Please wait for the corrective cycle to complete and enter SELL orders in the direction of the trend of the larger degree.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Gold Weekly

Just saying....

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


General overview for 10/09/2014:
Currently market is in a complex WXY corrective cycle that has not been finished yet as there are some downward sub-waves missing. Please notice that the price is below 100 and 200 WMA that confluence with wave 1 top and only a breakout higher is bullish.
H4 chart looks like unfinished double Zig-Zag structure inside of wave Y of more complex and time consuming corrective wave 2
Key short term level for bulls and if broken - first clue of bullishness increasing. The targets for wave 2 bottom are either on 50%Fibo, or, more possibly, on 61%Fibo. From this two levels the failure and rebound should be expected.

0.8981 - 61%Fibo
0.9081 - 50%Fibo
0.9111 - Swing Low
0.9151 - WS3
0.9210 - WS2

Trading recommendations:
Not really a good place to either enter short or long positions as R/R ratio is not attractive at the moment. Refrain from trading until more clear structure will occur.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


General overview for 09/09/2014:

The pair is in clear DOWNTREND as it has been signaled last time and  the reversal has been expected many weeks before it had happened. The 55DMA is crossing below 200DMA and this is another indication that supports this view.

The Elliott Wave count on larger time frame shows a high possibility of a multi-month decline in this pair due to an unfinished bearish cycle in wave C of the overall correction. This is why the current decline on smaller time frames is impulsive and its first wave down is slowly losing the momentum. This is why some sort of a inside sub corrective cycle in wave 4 black is expected currently with all the eyes on the level of 1.6232 - 1.6279. Only breakout higher is bullish.

Friday, 5 September 2014


Story of the EUR/USD in two charts.
Both chars were available in VIP SERVICE and appriopriate signals were issued.
Thank You.



Thursday, 4 September 2014

USD/JPY H1,H4 and Daily

General overview for 04/09/2014:

There are two possible counts on Daily time frame that I'm following currently:
First count follows impulsive wave progression to the upside as the wave 2 in blue circle has been completed. The most important thing in this count is wave 1 itself as it looks to be in three waves only. This is why there is another alternate count, which tracks the progression of an ABC Irregular Flat corrective wave B only, and it looks like it is almost completed. That means the market can make one more wave to the downside, wave C, and this view is supported IF THE LEVEL OF 103.54 IS BROKEN! Otherwise we might have one more minor wave to the upside that targets the orange rectangle.

105.30 - Swing High
105.24 - WR3
104.75 - WR2
104.53 - WR1
104.03 - Weekly Pivot

Trading recommendations:
The uptrend looks mature for now and some corrective cycle should be expected. As long as the elvel of 103.54 is not violated, buying the dips is advised.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


General overview for 18/08/2014:
The lack of the impulsive wave progression to the upside is the first clue, that the downside wave development might not be finished yet, otherwise the market would trade on much higher levels than it is now.
The main count on H1 time frame looks like a classic complex corrective structure pattern with the last cycle in wave Y brown completing right now ( or already done). This is VERY BEARISH count that indicated the top for wave 2  of 3  is completed and the market should move sharply lower soon.

It is rather hard to say what level invalidates the counts but any breakout higher above the level of 1.3432 is bullish.

1.3294 - Technical Support
1.3308 - WS2
1.3332 - 1.3340 - DEMAND ZONE
1.3352 - WS1
1.3383 - Weekly Pivot
1.3431 - WR1
1.3462 - WR2

Trading recommendations:
Beware of a short squeeze as a start of a corrective bounce! 

Before and After charts that were posted for subscribers of VIP SERVICE:

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


General overview for 06/08/2014:

A slight adjustment in corrective wave labeling has been added to the chart but the general mid-term outlooks stays the same: bias is BEARISH and breakout and daily close below the level of 172.22 reinforces the view.

171.10 - WS2
171.62 - WS1
172.22 - 172.46 - Supply Breakthrough Zone
172.92 - Weekly Pivot

Trading Recommendations:
Sell the rallys.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gold H4

General Overview for 27/07/2014:

We can see a clear triangle pattern formed on Weekly time frame and there as some indications, that this pattern has been completed and impulsive bearish wave progression has started. This assumption is valid only if the corrective wave (ii) green ( H4 and H1 time frame) will not violate the level of 1346. The suggested simple corrective cycle in wave (ii) green is either Running Flat of Irregular Flat formations.
 Currently the market has broken above the golden intraday trendline and it is trying to complete the last wave  to the upside of the mentioned corrective cycle - wave C black. The targets for this wave are on the chart, for both corrections respectively.
Please notice that this is only a simple corrective cycle count and it can get more complex and time consuming.

1346 -  Green Impulsive Cycle Invalidation Line
1296 - Blue Impulsive Count Invalidation Line

Trading Recommendations:

Short orders can be placed from the orange rectangle target areas with SL above the level of 1346. The potential TP is way beyond the 1287 low - projected target for wave 5 black is at the level of 1150 and with this R/R=10:1 it is a good trade to enter for SWING TRADERS.

Friday, 25 July 2014


On intraday  H4 chart: BIAS IS BEARISH.
Traders can see that after wave 4 black low the market has made a nice five wave impulsive structure to the upside that has been labeled as wave 5 black of wave 5 purple of the overall wave C blue. This is another confirmation of a possible long term top at the level of 175.38. Current situation on H4 time frame suggest more downside prices to come as long as the invalidation line at the level of 174.51 in not broken. Moreover, any sustained break below Supply Breakthrough Zone (172.20 - 172.47) supports the bearish bias, especially if made in impulsive fashion ( five wave decline).

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tesla Motos $TSLA H1 and M15

General Overview for 17/06/2014:

There is a cleat impulsive bullish wave progression on hourly chart and more upside price targets are expected here. Currently the stock is in corrective decline after hitting 300% of wave 1 expansion.
Nevertheless, it is hard to say right now whether the current development is a part of some ABC pattern or it is a clear, new impulsive wave progression to the upside.

235.00 - Wave 3 High
223.00 - Target for wave 4
215.00 - Technical Support

Trading Recommendations:
Buy the dips into 223.00 low.

Friday, 23 May 2014


General Overview for 23/05/2014:

The market is still in a upward red channel that might be considered as a corrective one. The breakout to the downside from this channel is valid if the level of 1.6848 is broken, otherwise the price might continue to trade to the upside. The key level for Bears is the intraday supply zone between the levels of 1.6903 - 1.6920. Only a clear breakout higher is a first confirmation, that last leg of Ending Diagonal wave (5) is in progress and new highs will be made.
On the other hand, any downside breakout below the level of 1.6848 is the first clue that the wave (b) is in progress and it might even target the levels below  previous wave (4) low.

1.6995 - Swing High
1.6939 - 78%Fibo
1.6903 - 1.6920 - Supply Zone
1.6894 - 61%Fibo
1.6848 - Intraday Support
1.6818 - Weekly Pivot
1.6806 - Technical Support

Trading Recommendations:
Please wait for a clear breakout in either direction BEFORE making a trade decision. Buy/Sell Stops orders should be placed on extreme levels. Bias is neutral right now.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


General Overview for 07/05/2014:
The impulsive wave progression has not been finished yet as there is couple of waves to be developed. The wave (iii) target is at the level of  1.3960 and then correction for wave (iv) is expected. The range of the correction shoudn't go below the level of 1.3913. The last target for wave (v) is at the round number of 1.4000. Please keep an eye on this level because it is very important what the market will do there.

1.4000 - Round Number Resistance| Target for wave (v)|
1.3967 - WR2
1.3960 - Target for wave (iii)
1.3930 - WR1
1.3885 - Invalidation Level
1.3851 - Weekly Pivot

Trading Recommendations:
Buy the dips with target at the level of 1.4000.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


General Overview for 06/05/2014:
The correction in this pair continues in shape of a Double Three complex cycle. The invalidation level is at 0.9137. Please notice on the next chart, that the market is highly geometrical and full of proportions, both from arithmetrical and geometrical ( pink and blue rectangles). This is another support that the overall cycyle is just a correction. Breakout and close on Daily TF above the golden channel is needed to confirm correction is over.

0.9459 - Swing High
0.9450 - WR3
0.9383 - WR2
0.9336 - WR1
0.9316 - Technical Resistance
0.9286 - Weekly Pivot
0.9222 - WS1
0.9205 - Technical Support
0.9156 - WS2
0.9137 - Invalidation Level


Sunday, 27 April 2014

SP500 H4

General Overview for 28/04/2014:
The impulsive wave progression on Daily time frame has not been finished yet and there is more upside to come up to the level of 2000 EASY.
Nevertheless, currently the market is in corrective cycle in wave 4  and this correction has not been finished yet. For intraday traders, in case of pre-mature wave (e) completion, the level to watch is 1837 points. Any breakout lower would mean that the lower boundary of the triangle shape will be tested and the wave (e) is likely to complete at the level of 1800 points. Please notice that this correction might get even more complex and time consuming.
Please notice that the sentiment indicator of Fear&Green is slightly rising and this supports the view of a more complex correction ahead.

1800 - Main Intraday Support
1837 - Key Level
1833 - 61%Fibo
1863 - Main Intraday Resistance

Trading Recommendations:
Buy orders should be opened in key level at the level of 1837  with tight stop (no more than 1% of the account per trade) and TP level above the last swing high.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


General Overview for 26/04/2014:
This pair is still on a corrective cycle.
There are two possible scenarios here, if we start the count from wave X high: impulsive OR more complex corrective bounce. The most important difference is whether wave Y will be more impulsive (full 5 waves) or it will continue to develop in more complex wave form . The NLR model still shows the downside slope and after the small triangle labeled on H4 chart as wave (b) is finished one more push lower is expected. The same structure is labeled on H1 but in different way: instead of a Triangle wave (c) it might be more complex internal cycle of WXY brown.